Kid's Box Level 1 Pupil's Book Second edition

ISBN - 9781316627662 €30.07 (Taxes included)
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The Kid's Box Level 1 Pupil's Book 2nd edition is the perfect tool for young learners to start their English learning joyrney in a fun and interactive way. With its captivating illustrations and engaging activities, it provides an enjoyable learning experience for children aged 6 to 7.

The book contains a variety of activities designed to improve children's reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, helping them develop their language abilities in a natural and enjoyable way. It also features songs and chants that allow children to practice their pronunciation and intonation, while improving their memory and retention.

The Kid's Box Level 1 Pupil's Book is based on a tested and proven methodology, providing a solid foundation for young learners to build upon as they progress through their language studies. The book is ideal for use in the classroom or for self-study at home, and includes a wide range of online resources to support and enhance the learning experience.

With the Kid's Box Level 1 Pupil's Book, young learners will enjoy a fun and engaging journey to fluency in English.


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