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Test your level of English

To find out what is the best Cambridge English exam for your knowledge of English, we recommend you take an appropriate placement test, especially if you are not yet enrolled in English lessons.
As a Cambridge English authorised exam centre, the English Exam Centre offers a placement test created by Cambridge Language Assessment that verifies your level of English effectively and precisely in about 30 minutes, and that can be taken online in a practical setting.
The Cambridge English Placement Test assesses the most important skills required for learning English, and its results directly correspond to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR), the global scale of reference for linguistic ability. 

The Cambridge English Placement Test can be used to:
  • Assess your level of English with extreme precision and external validation;
  • Help schools put English students on the correct level, by determining their capabilities, the right course for their present knowledge and the Cambridge English exam they should apply to;
  • Enter language courses and schools, by removing doubts about admission tests and assessing if students are able to start or require support courses.



Why take the Cambridge English Placement Test?


The test takes about 30 minutes to complete and is available by request. The results are produced immediately, allowing you to make fast decisions regarding the types of courses and preparation levels you should enrol in.


The Cambridge English Placement Test was developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, a part of the University of Cambridge. It is based on a research programme that guarantees its reliability, balance and validity. 


Candidates don't need a certified centre or a specific date and time to take the test, as it is available online. It analyses all of the key linguistic skills, which can be assessed individually or in groups.


Thanks to a dedicated website, the organisation and management of the test are very simple. Schedule the test for any date and time, get the results and print them directly on the exam page.


The Cambridge English Placement Test uses a variety of accents and writing material from different English-speaking countries.


The same test assesses multiple levels of English. Depending on the answers, questions become increasingly easy or difficult so that the candidate's level is correctly identified and tested. 

How to enrol a child?

You can purchase a Cambridge English Placement Test here. For more information on how to take advantage of this tool, please get in touch with us. For more on the children's version of this test, please visit our page on the Cambridge English Young Learners Placement Test.
If you wish to take a free online test, you can do so here. Even though this test is less in-depth and precise in its assessment, you can get an approximate notion of your level of English. You can select the version most suited to your needs: Regular English, For Schools, Young Learners or Business.
If you have any further questions on which Cambridge English Exam you should apply to, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The exam center is very well located for those who live in Linha de Cascais and that was a plus for me. The staff members were very supportive and friendly. Also the facilities were clean and comfortable.

Iara Matos


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