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Price: 98€ (4 Skills  / 3 Modules)

Linguaskill is an online multilevel test designed to assess your English language skills with fast and accurate results (maximum 48h). It tests your abilities from A1 to C1+ on the CEFR scale, and there are 3 modules that can be taken in any combination. These are:

It provides fast, accurate, and detailed results with language ability clearly presented in  individual and/or group reports.

Linguaskill can be easily scheduled for any time, and taken at any place, whether it is on an organisation’s premises or in a candidate's home. Only a computer, Internet connection and headset is required.

Test format

The Reading and Listening module adapts to your abilities, so there is no defined number of questions. Each answer you give helps the computer assess your knowledge and adapt the level of difficulty. The test stops when you have answered enough questions for Linguaskill to accurately identify your level, so the duration can vary between 60 and 85 minutes. Results for the Listening and Reading module are immediate.

Try it now: Reading & Listening

The Writing module takes 45 minutes maximum and is divided into two parts. Your answers are typed into the system, just like any word processing program. Tasks can include topics such as: future plans, free time, using and learning English, travel and holidays, music, technology, etc. The computer automatically scores responses and results are available within 12 hours.

Try it now: Writing

The Speaking module lasts for 15 minutes is done on a computer with a microphone and headphones. Questions are displayed on screen and through your headphones and you are given time to think and then speak you answer. These responses are recorded and evaluated by at least two independent examiners. Results are available within 48 hours.

Try it now: Speaking

How to take your test?

You can take the Linguaskill test at our centre, in your company or organisation, or in the comfort of your own home.

To take the test in our centre, you should schedule a convenient day and time directly with us and come to our premises to sit the exam. Everything you need on the day will be provided by our team.

If you cannot come to us, you can sit your Linguaskill test comfortably at home. All you need is a computer with internet connection and a headset with a microphone. At the time of enrolment, you will receive the technical instructions to activate the access codes purchased through the remote proctoring system, which will make your examination safe.

If your school or company wants to manage internal Linguaskill sessions, please contact us directly.

How to enrol?

To register simply go to our online shopping platform via the button at the top of the page to book your test. We will confirm your timetable by email according to availability.

If you would like to sit your test at home, select the "Remote Proctoring" option. Upon completion of your purchase you will receive all instructions to sit your test at home by email.

In either cases you will receive your results within 48 hours, as well as access to the Linguaskill Results Service. You can grant access to this service to all institutions that need to verify your results.

With our online shopping and remote proctoring service you can purchase your test, register with us and take your exam anytime and anywhere, even if you are abroad. The whole process can be completed within 72 hours.

Find out more about remote proctoring here, and Linguaskill and, if you have doubts, don’t forget our  FAQs.




02 de Fevereiro de 2021

Linguaskill by Cambridge - Consigo em casa

Uma rigorosa avaliação de inglês disponível online, para que possa obter o seu certificado de inglês sem sair de casa.

11 de Novembro de 2020

Novo Curso online Linguaskill

Cambridge lança novo curso de preparação online para teste Linguaskill.

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