1. A1 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a square or rectangular container
  2. A1 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) an area of sand or small stones next to the sea
  3. A6 🠋 in 6 letters
    (noun) a long curved fruit with a yellow skin
  4. A9 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) a hard, round fruit that has a green or red skin and is white inside
  5. A14 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) to protect someone or something from being attacked or stolen
  6. B16 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) money in any form
  7. B16 🠊 in 7 letters
    (noun) a complete circle that an electric current travels around
  8. B18 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) a boot with a metal part on the bottom, used for moving across ice, or a boot with wheels on the bottom used for moving across the ground
  9. B21 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a large, white bird with a long neck which lives on lakes and rivers
  10. B23 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a round container, usually used for storing things or for cooking
  11. B23 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a soft object which you rest your head on in bed
  12. C3 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) something such as an apple or orange that grows on a tree or a bush, contains seeds, and can be eaten as food
  13. C5 🠊 in 9 letters
    (noun) the largest and most important church in a particular area
  14. C7 🠊 in 7 letters
    (noun) the male ruler of an empire
  15. C12 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) trousers made of denim, a strong cotton material, which are worn informally
  16. D1 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a road vehicle with an engine, four wheels, and seats for a small number of people
  17. D25 🠊 in 9 letters
    (noun) a piece of electrical equipment for drying your hair with hot air
  18. E7 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a type of food made with meat, vegetables, or fruit covered in pastry and baked
  19. E11 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a group of musicians who play modern music together
  20. E16 🠋 in 6 letters
    (noun) cloth or thread made from the fibres of the cotton plant
  21. E23 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a flat, green part of a plant that grows from a stem or branch
  22. F2 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) an animal that lives only in water and swims using its tail and fins
  23. G9 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a small container for money, usually used by a woman
  24. G19 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a game or activity in which you have to put pieces together or answer questions using skill
  25. H2 🠊 in 7 letters
    (noun) a piece of equipment with two transparent parts that you wear in front of your eyes to help you see better
  26. H5 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a flat object, often fixed at one edge, that is used to close the entrance of something such as a room or building, or the entrance itself
  27. H14 🠋 in 7 letters
    (noun) an object that is old, and often rare or beautiful
  28. I9 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a strong shoe that covers your foot and part of your leg
  29. I10 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a room or building where people work
  30. I21 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a container with a handle used for pouring out liquids
  31. I23 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) a small, official piece of paper that you buy and stick onto a letter or parcel before you post it to show that you have paid for postage
  32. J1 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a food that is made from flour, water and sometimes eggs, and comes in many different shapes
  33. J13 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a piece of cloth that you wear around your neck, head, or shoulders to keep warm or for decoration
  34. J14 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a skilled and trained cook who works in a hotel or restaurant, especially the most important cook
  35. J16 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a soft piece of material used to cover the floor
  36. K7 🠊 in 8 letters
    (noun) (the ball used in) a game played by two teams of nine players, in which a player hits a ball with a bat and tries to run around the four corners of a large square area of the field before the other team returns the ball
  37. K19 🠋 in 7 letters
    (noun) bags and cases that you carry with you when you are travelling
  38. L7 🠋 in 8 letters
    (noun) the people who sit and watch a performance at a theatre, cinema, etc.
  39. M2 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) an oval object with a hard shell that contains a baby bird, insect or other creature
  40. M17 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) something you wear to cover your head, for fashion or protection
  41. M20 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) an adult male human being
  42. N5 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a yellow and black flying insect which makes honey and can sting you
  43. N9 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a long seat for two or more people, usually made of wood or metal
  44. N9 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) an animal that has wings and feathers, and is usually able to fly
  45. O14 🠋 in 7 letters
    (noun) a large container for rubbish from a house or other building, usually made of strong plastic or metal and kept outside
  46. O16 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a very short pair of trousers that stop above the knees
  47. O18 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) a large vehicle in which people are driven from one place to another
  48. O25 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a crop of grain, or the seed from this crop used to make flour or feed animals
  49. P6 🠋 in 6 letters
    (noun) a long, thin orange vegetable that grows in the ground
  50. P21 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) an object made of short pieces of stiff hair, plastic or wire fixed to a handle, which is used for cleaning, tidying hair, painting, etc.
  51. P23 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) something that people and animals eat, or plants absorb, to keep them alive
  52. Q5 🠊 in 8 letters
    (noun) a place where dead people are buried
  53. Q15 🠋 in 7 letters
    (noun) a cruel and frightening person
  54. Q19 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a car with a driver who you pay to take you somewhere
  55. R3 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) a circular object fixed under a vehicle so that it moves smoothly over the ground
  56. R13 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a round, hollow musical instrument that you hit with your hand or a stick
  57. R23 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) the large, bright star that shines in the sky during the day and provides light and heat for the Earth, or the light and heat that comes from the sun
  58. R23 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a model that looks like a person or animal, usually made from stone or metal
  59. S2 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) an adult female person
  60. S9 🠋 in 8 letters
    (adjective) relating to ideas and not real things
  61. S9 🠊 in 7 letters
    (adjective) feeling guilty or embarrassed about something you have done
  62. T4 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a large, strong, wild animal with thick fur
  63. T18 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a curved container for eating and serving food from
  64. T18 🠊 in 7 letters
    (noun) an intelligent animal that lives in the sea, breathes air and looks like a large, smooth, grey fish
  65. T25 🠊 in 6 letters
    (noun) a soft, round, red fruit eaten in salad or as a vegetable
  66. U11 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a building or room with equipment for doing exercises
  67. V4 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a piece of metal cut into a particular shape that is used for opening or closing the lock of a door, starting a car engine, etc.
  68. V8 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a picture that shows where countries, towns, roads, rivers, etc. are
  69. V15 🠋 in 2 letters
    (noun) compact disc: a small disc on which music or information is recorded
  70. V16 🠊 in 3 letters
    (noun) deoxyribonucleic acid; a chemical in the cells of living things which contains genetic information
  71. V20 🠊 in 5 letters
    (noun) a group of ships, or all of the ships in a country's navy
  72. W1 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a small, black or red insect that lives in groups on the ground
  73. W3 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a structure made of metal poles and cloth which is fixed to the ground with ropes and used as a cover or to sleep under
  74. W12 🠋 in 3 letters
    (verb) a small insect with two wings
  75. W12 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a piece of cloth with a special design and colours, that is the symbol of a country or a group, or has a particular meaning
  76. W18 🠋 in 9 letters
    (noun) a man who is a member of the police
  77. W22 🠊 in 4 letters
    (noun) a flat piece of plastic, wood or metal with a thin row of long narrow parts along one side, which you use to tidy and arrange your hair
  78. X8 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) someone who behaves badly.
  79. Y1 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a list of food and drinks that you can order in a restaurant
  80. Y17 🠋 in 4 letters
    (noun) a toy made from paper or cloth which flies in the air on a long string
  81. Y24 🠋 in 3 letters
    (noun) a large female farm animal kept to produce meat and milk
  82. Z10 🠋 in 5 letters
    (noun) special powers that can make things happen that seem impossible


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